Bermuda Triangle (BT)

Update van Frits: “Up until today we had a smooth and relaxed sailing. As we are heading for Bermuda we have to pass through the famous BT, what for obvious reasons is making some people nervous.  Many stories were published about disappearing ships and the possible reasons how and why. A long time ago we

Labour Day

Labour Day was celebrated with talking about sailing tactics resulting in extra muscle exercises for all of us. These exercises took place during the late evening and early morning watches when warm water rain showers were followed by wind shifts. Lowering sails, putting them up and down again and a few tacks. It made us

In 24 hours switching skyline from the coast of Cuba to Florida

Update van Ute: “When sailing towards the coast of Cuba we easily could navigate on the lights of Havana which from a 30 miles’ distance were visible at the horizon. I realize that the first picture that pops up in my mind are the Havana cigars. Dreaming about its cigars, free thoughts about the future