It might be very nice for pictures, and it has a great Christmas feeling, but for the work in the masts this snowy weather is not so suitable. The lasts bindings are made with numb, ice-cold fingers. Everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, it’s time to go! This Wednesday we are off.

Almost finished

The last stays are put back in place. With the exception of a few details, the standing rigging is ‘ready’. Most of the sails are also placed back, but on the running rigging there is still some work to do. Also, the ratlines (the lines between the stays on which we climb up) are not

Step by step

Step by step we are working towards the moment the Oosterschelde will set sail again. Today in the pouring rain we put the gaffs and booms back in place with the help of a crane. The sails are on the quay waiting to be put back on. The rigging is not finished yet and with