We prepare the ship to be sandblasted. Meanwhile, we also work very hard in the tent to restore all the round timber. All wood has been removed from the deck, meaning all doors, cases and even parts of the wooden foredeck. All hatches, portholes and doors are covered by custom made wooden plates which are

De tent op de kade bij het schip, aan de Leuvehaven. Foto: Hylke Tromp


The masts and bowsprit are covered by a tent. The coming days the crew will be busy on the ship with covering or removing the parts that are not steel, to prepare for the sandblasting from the waterline up.

De fokkemast gaat omhoog


Today the three masted have been removed. Please find the photos of the job. On our Facebook page you can watch a timelapse of the day. It was a long, busy day that ended with a setback. During the horizontal lift of the last mast, one of the ropes that was used to lift the