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Lago Sparrow foto: Hiele Lootsma

Raso, Branco and Santa Luzia

After leaving Tarrafal, Santiago we sailed all day. The wind came from a more easterly direction than normal, so we could also keep a higher course. During the night the wind increased, we took away the topsail gallant and the outer jib. Without these two sails we still were going 7 knots and we would

Purple Heron

Purple Heron

After all the guests were on board for the third trip around the islands, we lifted the anchor and immediately hoisted the sails and set course towards Santiago. A wonderful trip sailing downwind with a beautiful clear sky full of stars. And of course not to forget Christmas dinner! But it was while sailing, so

Another journey ends

São Nicolau did not disappoint, everyone has had a great day. First the beautiful green Monte Gordo National park and to top it all of at the end of the day a visit to the rock formations at Caberinha. After dinner we hoist the anchor and on engine we sail into the night. At dawn


On Tuesday night, the 16th of December, our new guest crew came on board for the second voyage in Cape Verde. Because this is a shorter voyage then our normal 11-day voyages we lift anchor right after a short introduction about the ship and the trip ahead. After dinner we hoist more sails and with

To Palmeira

Also São Nicolau shows how beautiful and versatile Cabo Verde is. We did a tour of the island and saw a lot. First a bit of walking in a beautiful old town with many Portuguese influences, looked in a grogue distillery to see how this drink is made and of course we tasted it, straight