Keep in good shape

Update Arco:
“During our Trans-Atlantic crossing it is important to stay fit and healthy. On arrival in Rotterdam we want to be in good shape. So we are working to make the people back home jealous. We need a nice tanned face and a body like Adonis. To get the right tan we do as much as possible sun greetings and sun dances. The last days it works, and the sundeck is open every day. 
For a body like Adonis we need to train our muscles. A quick visit to the gym isn’t possible here, therefore we have to be creative. With hoisting the sails, we do a total body workout. Every muscle is used in this process. At the moment we are sailing with every sail the ‘Oosterschelde’ has, even the gaff-topsails are hoisted. We need to find another way to train. Hereby we focus on specific muscles. 
The benches on the poop deck are very useful for doing sit-ups. For the muscles in our arms there are different ways to make them stronger. The backstay helps to train our biceps, and hanging between the ‘bakskist’ and the pin rail our triceps are getting stronger. Our legs are trained during the day by keeping upright when the ship is rocking. To finish everything, we climb into the mast. Stability and coördination are most important for that exercise. To improve our stamina, we dance all night long. Thanks to the music in the steering house, it is impossible to stay still on the poop deck. Together with the waves and the movement of the ship, we show the most surprising choreographies. This is what we should do every watch to become an Adonis. We don’t promise a thing.”