Zen and the art of sailing

Update by A.C. DeGroot:
“Celebrating the distance mid-way point between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Le Havre, France today seems to have further galvanized an already cohesive group of unique individuals. Smack in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean sailing the ‘Oosterschelde’ has amplified, for each one of us, the significance and gravity of where we are and what we’ve all accomplished.
We’re all here. Right now. Together.
Sharing a collective experience through deeply private and personally transformative moments truly is quite something to simply witness. Being a part of that unifying experience is a humbling and powerful feeling. Elemental exposure and mild discomfort help increase the appreciation we each seem to be have for this blessing we’re currently in the middle of at the moment.
Ian’s nourishing work in the galley, Boudewijn’s (nearly) endless patience and encouragement, Jan’s hilarious and heartfelt stories, Jan-Willem’s attention to detail and sailing experience coupled with Edward’s soulful laughter are well recognized and deeply appreciated by everyone on board. Our ace deckhand, Crazy Uncle Kiel, openly shares his genuine passion for all things nautical further encouraging us to constantly learn more about seagoing history.
All the while, our Captain Arian has successfully kept us on course, alive and occasionally in the overall first place spot in the RDV2017 tall ships’ sailing race.
Beyond the strengths the Oosterschelde’s crew has brought, and all the contributions each of the working crew has added to this experience, every soul aboard this voyage has voiced their appreciation for the support from family, friends and loved ones we left on land a couple of weeks ago. Truly is special to see the recognition everyone has for the conscious efforts and sacrifices we’ve received from home, where ever that may be in the world.
We’re all a tad sore from exertion, tired from the revolving watch schedule and are working to retain as much information as our brains can handle. And are thankful for every bit.
Midway in distance and quickly approaching the halfway point in time during this adventure is abundantly displayed in the collective ‘glass half full’ mentality we all share. Being touched this deeply by gratitude is quite remarkable. And to think, we’re still only at the distance midway point.”