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On to Tenerife

Jan ten Dam reports: “We are still under full sail. After our departure from Cascais we have been able to sail all the 500 nautical miles since and were making headway to Tenerife. When I am writing this (Saturday morning) we have 200 miles to go. We expect to arrive in the late afternoon in

No sweaters anymore

We are sailing and it’s great, the temperature is slowly rising. Today we reached 20 degrees, so the sweaters can go back into our bags. It looks like there will be (a bit of) wind, so the ‘Oosterschelde’ can do what she does best: sailing. Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Tell


Update from Jan ten Dam: “Christmas dinner was a big success. A few guests even toasted with a glass of wine and to make the dinner complete a coffee with Tia Maria or Cointreau which made them unavailable for watch on deck. Christmas day on deck was a normal day of watch keeping but it

Christmas Greetings

Jan ten Dam continues: “24 December, Christmas Eve and on board we are getting more and more into the Christmas mood. Since a few days we have a Christmas tree and once in a while we hear a Christmas song coming from the wheelhouse. Maarten has decided to stay at sea instead of finding an



As expected we did not get the right wind to sail across Biscay so we went on engine. But this does not mean it’s boring! Regularly we see dolphins playing around our bow. Twice we saw the spout of a whale. And we see lots of sea birds like gannets, kittiwakes, black-backed gulls and (I