Natalie’s update

“So just when we thought things couldn’t get any better there appeared a whale. He swam up beside us yesterday and swam with the ship for about half an hour. He swam just below the surface of the water right beside us, then dropped back behind the ship and swam up along the other side and would overtake us, dip below the nose of the ship and appear on the other side, then come up above the water, or flip over to show us his white belly. He was magnificent. Such a treat.
The wind has stayed with us, and we’re on course to reach St Martin by Wednesday or Thursday next week. It’s incredible how much a group of strangers can bond over the course of a week or so, there’s so much warmth shared between us now, plenty of laughter and great chats. And so the hours stretch out before us, mesmerised by the sea, the sky, the stars. Punctuated by changes of watch and lavish meals supplied by our wonderful ship’s cook, Richard.
I’m writing this now at 3am, and it feels quite normal to be wide awake, sharing the helm of this 100 year old ship, with some top tunes being played by Valentin – tonight is hip hop night.
So i send so much love to my boys, i think of you every day and can’t wait to speak to you next week.
Sweet dreams all.”