Message from Jac:
“It was in August when I first read about the ‘Oosterschelde’ and her journeys. Traveling to all corners of the world. The films that were put online gave me an impression of life on board the ship. It seemed like a big challenge to me to be part of that some day. And now here I am on the ‘Oosterschelde’. It is November 29th 2018, six days since we left Rotterdam. We are anchored in the bay of Camaret-sur-Mer. Not by choice, but forced to by heavy weather ahead, taking shelter. Now, after two days, we are moving on with good hopes that it’ll be better from now on. But a bit of rough weather won’t spoil the fun aboard, for this is a group of people who have bonded over the last six days. Not only the crew, but also everyone who booked this journey. Where else do you find that kind of thing nowadays. Spontanious and fun. Truly amazing, and the best is yet to come. Meaning the weahter will become warmer and warmer until we arrive at Cape Verde. For me, this already is the biggest hit and I believe it will only keep getting better. This is a journey to never forget, a journey of setting sail, taking watches in the night, eating and sleeping. Enjoying the people on the ship, the endless ocean, the stars and so many more amazing things. Shortly, after lunch, we will hoist the anchors and set sail to the Spanish coast, 200 miles ahead, and then on to Portugal and the Canaries, with our final destination Cape Verde. It is a wonderful thing to experience and I highly recommend it. For those who would like to see more of my experiences I refer you to my blog. You will find some films and photo’s there as well.”