Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition)

Update from Jac:
“On December 5th in the afternoon we heard a ship’s horn blow, everybody was wondering what this could mean. Who would have thought that ‘Pakjesboot 12’ would sail right next to us, to bring us Saint Nicolas. Just before returning home to Spain, he wanted to visit us on board and bring us a lovely afternoon. So the Sint boarded the ‘Oosterschelde’ and he and his Piet brought presents and poems for us all. It was a lovely and international afternoon out on the ocean. And we all thank the ‘Good Holyman’ for his presence and kindness. Far away from home, but a little bit of home brought to us. After waving goodbye we proceeded our journey further south, still motoring because there is no wind for a change. But the weather forecast tells us that after Lisbon we will be able to hoist the sails again with a beautiful northeasterly wind. We are having a good time on board and we are getting more and more used to each others company and we are a good match for each other. Funny what a sailing trip can do to a human being!”