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São Nicolau

After São Vicente and Santo Antão we went to São Nicolau. This island has a fierce, dry exterior but a beautiful lush interior. The island is usually one of the favorites of our guests (and crew). After the tour on the island we had a quiet night. A few went ashore for a local drink,

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Of course we celebrated Christmas on board too. On Christmas Eve we had a delicious dinner. But on Christmas morning it was time to get back to business and we hoisted the anchor and sails for the next leg. We sailed all the way to the Canal de São Vicente. From there we turned the

First stop

When everyone arrived on board we had a quiet first night. Good to get to know each other. The next morning, straight after breakfast, we hoisted both anchors and set a few sails to leave the harbour. Once we were out at sea we explained how all the other sails work and slowly all other

The first trip starts

Achored in Palmeira, on Sal. Yesterday we cleansed the whole ship and we bought most of the stores. Today there is time for some maintenance. At the end of the afternoon the new guests will embark and our first Cabo Verde voyage will start off. I’d like to see what has changed since last year.

Happy birthday Frits

Update from captain Maarten: “We have almost arrived at Cape Verde. The last days have been filled with lovely sailing. Great winds, blue waters surrounding us and a bright sun overhead, it is certainly not bad being here. And on board life continues. Today we have celebrated, a little late, the 70th birthday of Frits