Brava, best kept secret

Update from first mate Jan:
“We did it!
After a gorgeous hike on the vulcano of Fogo (most of the time in a minivan, it is nearly 3000 meters tall!) and a winetasting-tour, also on Fogo, we left the island early in the morning to race to the westcoast of Brava. The islands here are close to each other. This causes the winds to be strong; this is called the Venturi Effect.
So, we race in Bft 7 in the direction of Faiã de Água. According to our travel guide the most beautiful bay of the Cape Verde archipelago. And what a beauty it is! It seems almost Caribbean, with palms on the beach, and in the background impressive mountains.
Upon arrival the taxi drivers are quarrelling who can show us around. After a great trip over the island, we enjoy a lunch at Nova Sintra. During the trip we see the green and rough character of the island.
After lunch the groups splits. About a third goes back by minivan, and the other group goes for a walk on a terrific hiking trail. In hindsight, this was quite a tough walk for most. Tired, but happy, and some even with blisters on their feet, all are picked up by the dinghy and brought back to the ship. There we enjoy a cup of tea, or a beer.
Brava is definitely one of the best kept secrets of the islands!”