Our way to Mindelo

Update from guest-crewmember Barbara:
“The trip towards Mindelo starts in the morning. There is a lot to do, so everyone enjoys themselves. Some go snorkling, or fishing, or stare at the village. It is a bit foggy. It is also beautiful to watch the waves break on the rocks. We lift the anchor and immediately after we leave, we feel the wind blowing. This is the longest leg of sailing between the Cape Verde islands. I am in the watch from 0 to 4 o’clock in the morning. The captain expects that we will sail through the whole night. And that is how it goes. During the day, the shadows of Santiago and Fogo are slowly disappearing from our sight. The one moment we are pulling the robes and setting the sails with 5 or 6 guests, and the next moment we are staring at the flying fish. Not one, but dozens, shoal after shoal.
It is getting dark quickly. Before dinner we trim a few sails. The chairs in the saloon are connected to the floor with a leash. A few faces turn greenish. The rule, one hand for yourself and the other hand for the ship, is now really into place. Outside, the wind is howling and after dinner we go to bed. At a quarter to 12, there is a knock on the door. It’s time to wake up and go to our watch. The first two hours of our watch are quite relaxed, so we do have time to wake up. Maarten tells us about the stars. It’s a clear night, so there is much to see. After a while, I fall asleep on top of a beany bag on deck. Around 2.30 AM we have to get to work because we are sailing directly towards the island, istead of around it. We have to act quickly, so we take some of the sails down. Then, it’s time to wake the other watch, and we can go back to bed, where we roll along with the movements of the ship.
The night was as intense as the breakfast, and some people were still a bit more quiet then normally. A little less jokes and a bit more concentration. Taking a cup of coffee for someone else is not possible with these movements of the ship. When I’m going outside I am happy with my coat, as the ocean splashes water in my face. Many birds fly along with us. Time flies when you’re having fun, and then we anchor in Mindelo.”