New adventure on Santiago

We are always trying to improve our voyages, and also the excursions we do on shore. So, we have tried a few new things on Santiago. We made a longer hike in Serra Malagueta, and discovered a new route over the island. One of the most beautiful discoveries was the Ribeira da Prata, on the northwest side of the island.
Another thing, which I was happy to try, was a hike from Assomada to Poillon, the enourmous Kapok tree at Boa Entrada. We informed ourselves with our travelguides and books on board. Both books told us it was possible, one stated it was very easy walk and the other stated the opposite. There is only one way to find out which advice was right!
So, after the lunch I went on this adventure with Zinildo, the co-guide of Sayde. The beginning was hard (what might have been caused by the 3-hour hike of this morning) and also descending was not that easy. But once we were in Ribeira de Boa Entrada it was amazing! In the shadows of banana and mango trees we walked over a riverbed with small herbs and plants. And, in the middle of this scenery, on top of a large pile of hay, a typically Dutch cow is staring at us. A little further on the road, the mighty Poillon comes into sight, towering above all other trees. Accompanied by kingfishers, we waited for the guests to arrive, before we continued with our ‘regular’ tour.