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Our way to Mindelo

Update from guest-crewmember Barbara: “The trip towards Mindelo starts in the morning. There is a lot to do, so everyone enjoys themselves. Some go snorkling, or fishing, or stare at the village. It is a bit foggy. It is also beautiful to watch the waves break on the rocks. We lift the anchor and immediately

Little wind

For Cape Verdian standards the weather is calm. This causes the wind to shift directions. The past few days, it was favourable for us. Particularly, when sailing to Boa Vista. The wind came from the north, and so we could sail to the bay of Sal Rei easily. We arrived early in the evening. In

Happy birthday Frits

Update from captain Maarten: “We have almost arrived at Cape Verde. The last days have been filled with lovely sailing. Great winds, blue waters surrounding us and a bright sun overhead, it is certainly not bad being here. And on board life continues. Today we have celebrated, a little late, the 70th birthday of Frits

Almost 4 weeks on board

Update by Jac: “In Tenerife, some of the crew disembarked, and new guestcrew came on board for the last part of the voyage to Cape Verde. Until now, we had a variety of all sorts of weather during the trip. However, we expect the last week to be a bit better and warmer. But there

Good begin

Update from first mate Jan: “After a maintenance period of 8 weeks in Rotterdam and Stellendam, we sail on a perfectly mint ship on the English Channel. The start of the voyage was not so nice, since the Erasmus Bridge was closed and would not open until 8 o’clock in the evening. But since then,