The wind keeps on going. We were also surprised by strong gusts of wind at the anchor place of São Nicolau, usually the quietest spot in Cape Verde. Once we even blown off our anchor. Of course, we always keep anchor watch, but that was different on a catamaran next to us. There too the

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

While our guests were climbing the crater on the island Santo Antão, we met August, the captain of the ‘Azart’, the Ship of Fools. It was great to see them again. The ‘Oosterschelde’ and the Ship of Fools were together once before during the celebration of 400 years of international relations with Morocco in 2005.

Starry night

Let’s call it start-up problems, because the start of the voyage did not go very smooth. We waited for hours before we could go through customs. But there are worse things than waiting in the sun on a blue ocean. Right before lunchtime we could sail away, on our way to Santiago. Meanwhile it is