Lighthouse of Cabo Ortegal


Message from Jop: “The last two days/nights we spend sailing from the height of Santander along the North Coast of Spain towards A Coruña.
 Yesterday was a great sunny day. 
We were sailing along and close to the coast (which is a nice view after a few days of grey surroundings). Also great during the


Message from Jac: “It was in August when I first read about the ‘Oosterschelde’ and her journeys. Traveling to all corners of the world. The films that were put online gave me an impression of life on board the ship. It seemed like a big challenge to me to be part of that some day.

Good begin

Update from first mate Jan: “After a maintenance period of 8 weeks in Rotterdam and Stellendam, we sail on a perfectly mint ship on the English Channel. The start of the voyage was not so nice, since the Erasmus Bridge was closed and would not open until 8 o’clock in the evening. But since then,