Social projects Helena

The ‘Helena’ is officially acknowledged as a monument. Partly for this reason, we want the ship to be accessible for people who are challenged. Physically, mentally, financially or otherwise challenged. We organise sailing trips for these target groups in particular. With support of sponsors, funds and foundations we try to cover the costs of these sail trips. Since a couple of years we sail with people from Foundation Pameijer Rotterdam. Also, we have sailed with children from diverse institutions, (former) homeless people and ex-detainees.

You can support our foundation ‘Het Rotterdamse Zeilschip’ (the Rotterdam Sailing ship). You can become a sponsor for at least 25 euros per year. Additionally, corporations can support for a minimum of 125 euros per year. This money will be used to contribute to our sailing trips for our special target audiences. Both ships, ‘Helena’ and ‘Oosterschelde’, are using the support of this foundation to accommodate these trips. So, your support serves many good causes!

Would you like more information about our foundation? Or about becoming a supporter? Please contact us at 0031 10 4364258 or We are very happy to tell you everything about it. 

 Do you know a special group which deserves to go on a sailing trip? We love to help with the financing, organising and realisation of your plan!