Dying dogs and other sounds

Update by captain Arian: “When underway and you close your eyes, there will not be the total dark quiet peacefulness you’d expect. Only a part of what we call ‘the ocean experience’ can be seen. A considerate part we feel, but a large part we hear. How often is said: “Did you hear that?” The

More celebrations

Update Egbert: “Today is the 35th wedding anniversary of Esther and Frans, another day of festivities after the unforgettable mid ocean party. Disco in the middle of the ocean with incredible views and a moving dance floor! Unfortunately we had to stop because of complaints of the neighbours. To remember this special day, we made

Half-way party

Half-way party

Update by Dirk: “I am not sure how to put this in words or where to start. There are so many impressions. The ocean offers a great sailing adventure, the most beautiful blue, the deepest waters, the biggest silence, the darkest nights and the best starry skies. Yesterday we celebrated our ‘half-way Atlantic Ocean party’.