Our way to Mindelo

Update from guest-crewmember Barbara: “The trip towards Mindelo starts in the morning. There is a lot to do, so everyone enjoys themselves. Some go snorkling, or fishing, or stare at the village. It is a bit foggy. It is also beautiful to watch the waves break on the rocks. We lift the anchor and immediately

Bont stormvogeltje aan boord op 26 januari

Whales and storm petrels

We started our next trip. And with a new trip we welcome new guests. And with new guests we get new wishes. This trip we have a few guests that have come especially for nature: the birds, Cetaceans. Today was our first sailing day and it started easy. There was little wind, so we took the

Brava, best kept secret

Update from first mate Jan: “We did it! After a gorgeous hike on the vulcano of Fogo (most of the time in a minivan, it is nearly 3000 meters tall!) and a winetasting-tour, also on Fogo, we left the island early in the morning to race to the westcoast of Brava. The islands here are

Something different

Once in a while, in the steady Cape Verdian weather there is a little change. Sometimes the wind increases for a few days, and sometimes it doesn’t. But also the direction of the wind shifts. Normally, the wind is north-east. But sometimes it shifts more north, or more east. These shifts create opportunities for variety


We almost don’t dare to tell, but we are going to anyway. When the last group left the ship and we were on our way with just the crew to Baía da Murdeira with the music loud to clean the ship we finally saw the first whales! While Jan and I were going through the planning