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Sydney to Auckland
Crossing the ocean on a historic sailing vessel in a race with other Tall Ships is an exhilarating experience you will never forget. An adventure that requires, teamwork, persistence and guts. A battle against the elements, with the beauty of the ocean as a reward and the feeling that you really achieved something together.

Shipping company ‘Oosterschelde’ wants to offer someone this experience of a lifetime. Therefore we have arranged a special sponsorship program, everyone between the age of 15 and 35 could be nominated. Nine people were nominated by friends, family, co-workers with a motivation (see below) why they should be selected for this unique opportunity.

We have a winner!
Over the last week our board of directors reviewed all the nominees and motivations. The decision was difficult, but we are happy to present to you our winner: Eamonn Honeyman Gilbert.

Now the real challenge starts!
To make the voyage possible for Eamon we need to raise money. Shipping Company ‘Oosterschelde’ makes the first large donation of 50% of the voyage fee. But we still need to raise the rest by crowd funding and we need your help for that! We will do this by collecting sea miles via our special sponsorship page on our website. Everyone can donate sea miles. On the 1st of September we will know if we have collected enough sea miles. To donate, please click here

Motivation for Eamonn, by his father
My son Eamonn, a New Zealander, has been resident in Australia for a number of years.  I have been unable to visit him for some time. As a pre school through to high school, Eamonn was in my sole care, it was in this period that I started a life long project photographically documenting New Zealand sailing history (www.aquapx.com) concurrent with the birth of Auckland’s Maritime Museum, Hobson Wharf and now known as Voyager who subsequently bought my record of their establishment.

Eamonn as a consequence, was around a lot of boats as a small child. (We sailed a 17′ gaff rigged Dory which I referred to as  `the babysitting boat’. Sadly as adult’s we have not yet had the opportunity to reshare these sailing experiences together. Although I have spent a lot of that time living aboard yachts on Auckland harbour while Eamonn has been living in Australia. Both myself and Eamonns younger sister Freya 15yrs and his mother Sue, are very much missing Eamonn, and he us.

I am very proud of his character, work ethic and general amenable character, I feel that at 28yrs and having not had a holiday or revisited New Zealand in a number of years, this opportunity would be a wonderful adventure for Eamonn (his Birthday would be celebrated on passage), and a great gift to his family missing him in New Zealand. It is these opportunities that can define a life’s course and I would love to open the opportunity in combination with your very generous placement to Eamonn.

There is a great deal of excitement in Auckland’s traditional sailing circles at the Tall ships visit, something I will be very keen to photograph as a landmark event in our maritime history.