Life on board

Written by Erik Zijlstra:
“We are now 11 days at sea without any land or other shipping traffic (except for the odd Japanese fishing vessel) and are excited about any sea-life we spot. Today there are gannets, squid and a Portuguese Man o’ war (a jellyfish). Catching tuna is now a regular daily exercise and the fridge is filled with it. Due to the Swedish watch system, one occasionally misses a few hours of the normal biorhythm. With a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours, one needs to plan one’s sleep very well.
The gannets flew around the vessel a few times and one was caught on camera while diving in the sea to fish. The squid with its flashy green bioluminescence could be observed in the wake of the vessel during the night. 
Captain Gerben has announced a photo competition. Will the winning picture be of the vessel, the people or perhaps the marine wildlife around us?”