My birthday

Warren writes:
“It is not every day one turns 60 years of age. August 9th marks my day. To have the privilege of reaching such a milestone on board the ever graceful and most beautiful ‘Oosterschelde’ is truly something special. Far from loved ones, it’s an emotional moment. But wait, I have found new friends with whom I can share this moment in time. Their congratulatory hugs and handshakes are well received.
To Bou de Wijn who dressed the mess hall – sir I salute you. To the other thirty members on board sharing this epic adventure – thank you. To Ian for the streaky bacon, tomatoes and eggs easy over – cheers mate. To Andrew, a fellow adventurer from down under and across the ditch, chief birthday cake decorator – nice one Cobber and Beauty Mate.
To my partner Fiona back home in New Zealand who gave me the leave pass – Love you – Warren”