Dying dogs and other sounds

Update by captain Arian:
“When underway and you close your eyes, there will not be the total dark quiet peacefulness you’d expect. Only a part of what we call ‘the ocean experience’ can be seen. A considerate part we feel, but a large part we hear.
How often is said: “Did you hear that?” The sound of a dying dog in the mast turned out to be a gaff-throat leather cover losing its grease. A jibb block banging against the railing. The cabinet door forgotten to close after getting paper out for the printing machine. The toilet seat slamming down on a smooth roll after usage. The regular hum of the generator interrupted slightly when the cook starts his oven for baking the bread and the washing machine is washing. Books simultaneously wobbling on the shelf on the movement of the ship. The wind going through the rigging.
Voices of total euphoria when there is a fish on the hook. Sound of utter disappointment when the fish jumps to freedom before it reaches the deck. Or when a whale is spotted, like yesterday when a 6 meter Minky whale swam next to the ship for half an hour. Agitated voices when one helmsman telling the other one how to steer. Conversations about the meaning of life, about the stars, jobs, children, places visited, ETA, watch system, life in general and of course the beauty of the ship.
When you lay down in bed and all of above seems to be as it is supposed to be, then you can fall asleep, knowing to wake up if there is a new not identified sound.
But i forgot to mention the sweetest sound. The sound every soul on board knows by heart. The sound that makes sure everybody stops doing what they are doing. Followed by a rush of all in the same direction. That, of course, is the sound of the dinner bell.”

10-3-2018 1100hr bt 1300hr UTC
Pos: 17’35N 51’08W
Crs: 271′
Spd: 7.8kts
Wnd: NE 4/5
Wth: Sunny
Sea: Slight
Swll: Moderate NW
Dtg: 685nm
Log: 3796nm
ETA St.Maarten, on schedule.