90 West

I suppose we have all had those unexpected moments when suddenly there is a big round number in front of you, like when the clock shows 100,000 kilometres whilst driving your car. Expecting to see random numbers we somehow think that round numbers do not belong in that category. This morning I sauntered onto the

King’s Day in the Gulf

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly popular the royal family and the monarchy is amongst the Dutch and not only in the Netherlands. As a staunch believer in republican values I don’t get it, although in the many countries around the world I have lived in I have always been a grateful recipient



Ook aan boord werd Koningsdag gisteren gevierd met bekende oudhollandse spelletjes als koekhappen, spijkerpoepen en ballengooien. Best een uitdaging op een bewegend schip. “Oranje boven, oranje boven. Uiteindelijk ging de zon oranje onder. Hoezee.” Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Tell a friend