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Nearing the finish

We expect to finish somewhere tomorrow, Saturday, early in the evening (GMT). The finish line is located a bit to the south of Plymouth, in SW England. After finishing we will continue sailing, in the direction of the Channel Islands. At the moment we still are leading in Class A and also overall.

The barrel

Update by Hanneke & Jaeike: “Yesterday afternoon we were lounging at the stern near ‘ het kotje’ when Jan-Willem and Jan started to discuss ways to keep the guest-crew occupied. Our ears were perked since the day was progressing quite uneventfully. Before we knew it, we had a job to do! In the olden days

Above deck and below deck

Update by George Ayers: “There are two realities on board the ‘Oosterschelde’. Above deck and below deck. They could not be farther apart.  Above deck our watches demand attention and vigilance. It is a place where experience prevails, the sight and sound of the sails, constant helm correction and always under the constant watchful eyes