‘Pardoens’ and gender equality

An update from Wieger: “As a lonesome bird the vessel ‘Oosterschelde’ glides over the seemingly endless disc of water, the horizon marking the abrupt ending of the sea and the appearance of the light blue sky. We performed a controlled jibe, after being for a long period on port, the sails are on starboard. We

Natalie’s update

“So just when we thought things couldn’t get any better there appeared a whale. He swam up beside us yesterday and swam with the ship for about half an hour. He swam just below the surface of the water right beside us, then dropped back behind the ship and swam up along the other side

Dying dogs and other sounds

Update by captain Arian: “When underway and you close your eyes, there will not be the total dark quiet peacefulness you’d expect. Only a part of what we call ‘the ocean experience’ can be seen. A considerate part we feel, but a large part we hear. How often is said: “Did you hear that?” The