Nog eens schuilen

Bericht van Jop:
“The last two days/nights we spend sailing from the height of Santander along the North Coast of Spain towards A Coruña.
 Yesterday was a great sunny day. 
We were sailing along and close to the coast (which is a nice view after a few days of grey surroundings). Also great during the night as you could see all the lights on the mainland.
 It was a day with a lot of sun, sailing with dolphins and a beautiful sunrise and sunset.
After crossing the coast of North Spain we had a bit too much waves/wind coming at us, to make the final turn to the south. 
We seeked for shelter as close as possible to the corner of Spain. 
So today, around noon, we anchored in the bay of the little city Cariño. After exploring the town a bit, we decided to do a small hike to Faro de Cabo Ortegal, the lighthouse of Cabo Ortegal. This lighthouse is located at the end of the Gulf of Biskay and basically the start of going further south.
 The weather was rainy and windy, but the hike was great. 
The 4 km path led us through a forest of Eucalyptus trees, a ancient/Roman site, a chapel (San Xiao do Trebo) and in the end the lighthouse appeared in the clouds, surrounded by cliffs and the ocean.

 Back in the city after a few hours, it was time for some tapas and drinks.
Great day!”