A History of Adventure
Sailing around the world with ‘Oosterschelde’

A must have for everyone that loves adventure and sailing. To order ‘A History of Adventure’ (€29,50 including shipping costs), please contact the shipping office.


We have quite some setbacks this spring. We even had to go back in the dry dock, but now we are back in the Binnen Kalkhaven in Dordrecht. We continue with the installing the engine. On the inside the ship starts to look a little better too. Some piping and tank fittings, in very difficult

Yards and booms. Photo: Hylke Tromp

Maintenance #2

The main engine has been removed. A specialised company is now cleaning the main engine room with steam. On the quay several yards and booms are being sanded and varnished. Crew members Jan, Maarten, Eduardo, Remmert and Gijs have a lot of work on their hands.