Start of the race to Esbjerg

Start of the race to Esbjerg

Update by captain Maarten: “For a long time we have been floating around the startline before the race even started. Because of the lack of wind they postponed the start for two hours and changed the route near the startline. No start from north to south, but south to north, then around a waypoint before

‘Ship of Swing’

Update by captain Maarten: “After the tour through the Lysefjord and the sight of the Preikestolen from below, we dropped anker in a beautiful little bay just west of that fjord. Nice swimming, playing Tarzan with the forecourse-halliard, BBQ on and the fish we caught on it. After dinner, when we had enjoyed all the

The race from Bergen to Esbjerg

The progress of the ships in the next leg can be followed here. The ‘Oosterschelde’ is a member of Class A (the biggest ships). If you wish, the visibility of the other Classes can be switched off using the menu at the left.

To the Preikestolen

Update by captain Maarten: “After a quiet night in Arendal we continued our way. The sun was shining on the ship and surrounding blue waters. But, sadly, the wind was still against us, so we went on engine. In the morning a gentle breeze came up, so we hoisted the sails and sailed into the Rosfjord.