Coming closer

The sun starts to shine and the white tops of the waves make the water of the Atlantic look even darker blue then before. The ship is swaying in the waves, which keep catching up with us from behind. But we don’t mind the discomfort it brings because the sailing is fantastic! For days we

Another beautiful day

Update by Coby: “Another beautiful day on board of the sailing vessel ‘Oosterschelde’. The sun is shining; a strong breeze is blowing and giving a spectacular cloud show while speeding us on our way to Rotterdam. As a very inexperienced sailor (read ignorant) I have a lot to learn. It would help if all the

The weather

Our weather at the moment is mainly the result of two big areas of low pressure. One is stationary around the Azores, the other slowly moves towards us from the other side of the ocean. Since we left Horta we have used our main engine a lot, trying to reach the east side of the