Boiler antics

Boiler antics

Boiler Antics

9 februari 2021

I am checking in from our cosy saloon onboard the OOSTERSCHELDE, fire on and a steaming mug of hot chocolate to warm our souls at the end of a good day’s work. We have had a good dump of about 20 cm of snow this last week, transforming the centre of Rotterdam into an Alpine resort with outside low temperatures of -9 °C. Luckily, we do have a heating system onboard which heats up the extremities of the boat, our cabins in the forecastle for example. This system also heats up our water for hot showers, dishes and cleaning. However we were unfortunate enough last week for the boiler to have some issues. Initially it seemed to simply turn off and not respond but a few hours later we noticed that it was leaking a wee bit. We had to drain the system and hunker down for a cold night; extra blankets were in order.

We had a mechanic from the boiler company scheduled early the next morning to come and have a look at it and at 08:00am on the dot he was stepping aboard. He worked quickly and efficiently and within an hour he was done. We had the luxury of hot water and heating again. Great. Back to work.

This was apparently too easy. Before that day was over the boiler was down again. We did not understand because it was only a few hours prior that the boiler man had given it the all clear. Anyway, another evening spent snuggled over the fire and retreating to our double quilted bunks for another chilly night. Getting out of bed seems so much more difficult when you’re all cosy under the blankets but can see your breath fogging up your cabin. Nevertheless, we had a good reason to get up, the boiler man was returning! This time he exchanged an overflow valve which was causing troubles and had the system up and running in no time. This time he’d hit the nail on the head and ever since we have enjoyed our hot showers and heated cabins, back to the Alpine resort.

Greetings, Matu